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Our School Vision…

Blue Ball Elementary School will provide an enjoyable rewarding educational experience for each student.  We will prepare each student for academic and social success now and in the next year of their academic life.

Our Mission…

Each Blue Ball Elementary student will grow a minimum of one year academically each school year.

  • By teaching and modeling, Blue Ball Elementary teachers and staff will show our students how to be good students, good learners, and good people.


  • We will meet the students where they are and work with them to achieve more than we or they may think possible.


  • We will cultivate an environment where students will take responsibility for doing their best work.


  • We will look for the joy in learning and develop our students’ interests.
  • We will look for tangible results of learning to evaluate our progress with students.
  • We will work collaboratively in the best interests of our students.


 We believe that…

  • Our students are capable learners.


  • Our reason for existence as a school is to educate the minds, hearts, and character of students.


  • Our students are educational works in progress. 


  • Learning can and should be a rewarding experience for our students.


  • We are all learners.


  • Collectively, working together we can accomplish more with and for our students than we can accomplish individually.


  • They are all our students.


  • We can be the teachers for our students that we would want our own children to have.


Parents are our partners in educating their children.